Teg Blocks/Tag Tabs = No more hand rebating or tegging of tiles!

For partitions, Dry Walls & Ceilings

Teg Blocks/Teg Tabs

Teg blocks are to be used with Tegular Tiles. They are inserted around the perimeter of the ceiling above the wall angle (edge trim) on the end of each noggin or T section.

This inturn raises the ceiling above the edge trim by the thickness of the tegulation thus avoiding the need to teg or cut a reveal on the edge of the tile.

Teg blocks/teg tabs are made of white flame retardant plastic that are self adhesive.

Four product sizes available in bags od 100:

Part No.005 Narrow Grid 15mm (9/16") Deep teg 7/8mm (5/16")
Part No.006 Narrow Grid 15mm (9/16") Shallow teg 5/6mm (1/4")
Part No.007 Wide Grid 24mm (15/16") Deep teg 7/8mm (5/16")
Part No.008 Wide Grid 24mm (15/16") Shallow teg 5/6mm (1/4")

We are manufacturers and distributors of Ceiling Teg Blocks/Ceiling Teg Tabs.

Our product was designed after many years in the trade as contractors.

We were frustrated by having to tegulate tiles for suspended ceilings.

We knew if we were suffering other contractors would be also, everytime they were having to cut a reveal on tegular ceiling tiles.

Ceiling Teg Blocks/Ceiling Teg Tabs create a stronger edge to the perimeter tiles as there is no rebate over the wall trim.

On the completed ceiling the tiles do not become damaged or ragged when tiles are lifted to install additional services.