Teg Blocks

Four product sizes, available in bags of 100:

  • Part number
  • Grid Size
  • Teg size
  • 005
  • Narrow Grid 15mm (9/16”)
  • Deep teg 7/8mm (5/16”)
  • 006
  • Narrow Grid 15mm (9/16”)
  • Shallow teg 5/6mm (1/4”)
  • 007
  • Wide Grid 24mm (15/16”)
  • Deep teg 7/8mm (5/16”)
  • 008
  • Wide Grid 24mm (15/16”)
  • Shallow teg 5/6mm (1/4”)
gridfix teg blocks on an office ceiling

What are Teg Blocks?

Teg blocks are designed to be used with tegular edged ceiling tiles in suspended ceilings, to eliminate the need for hand-rebating/tegging the tile. This produces a stronger, cleaner and high-quality edge to your ceiling:

  • 4 x Sizes (See above for measurements)
  • Self adhesive
  • Chamfered edge
  • Bags of 100
  • Material: Flame retardant plastic
  • Colour: White
person using teg blocks to build a ceiling

Why choose Teg Blocks?

Teg Blocks are time efficient and cost effective whilst giving a high quality finish.

1. Saves up to 80% Labour time:
Teg blocks are quick and easy to install as they eliminate the need for hand-rebating/tegging the perimeter tiles.

2. Stronger edges to the ceiling:
There is no need to rebate/teg the tile, this in-turn gives the ceiling a stronger edge.

3. No wasted tiles:
There is no risk of damage to the tile as there is no rebating or tegging, simply one clean cut required.  There is no risk of damage to the tile when installing additional services.

Where to buy?

We have over 70 stockists nationwide, meaning you are never too far away from a branch to purchase your teg blocks. Input your postcode below to find your nearest stockist.

The Teg block is a great product - we won't install a ceiling without it – it just saves us so much valuable time on site.

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