Teg Blocks/Tag Tabs = No more hand rebating or tegging of tiles!

For partitions, Dry Walls & Ceilings

Teg blocks/Teg tabs are self-adhesive blocks made from fire retardant white plastic. They are quick to install and save time by removing the need for hand rebating tiles. We currently sell in bags of 100 to allow for even the smallest of jobs (100 teg blocks = 150m² ceiling).

We have been marketing this product successfully in the UK for the last 10 years; and is now accepted as the industry standard.

Teg Blocks (100's)

Part No.005 Narrow grid 9/16" (15mm) Deep 5/16" (7/8mm)
Part No.006 Narrow grid 9/16"(15mm) Shallow 1/4" (5/6mm)
Part No.007 Wide grid 15/16"(24mm) Deep 5/16" (7/8mm)
Part No.008 Wide grid 15/16"(24mm) Shallow 1/4" (5/6mm)


All teg blocks/teg tabs are $19 per bag of 100 blocks.

Carriage is paid on orders of 5 bags+.

Payment required by Credit Card prior to dispatch.

Distributors please contact us direct for pricing.


Items take approximately 5 working days as it is shipped from the UK.

Seismic Installations

Drill through the perimeter wall angle, teg block and Tee section and fix in the normal way. The teg block already has an elongated slot in the block to aid fixing.